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JIEB is a peer-reviewed journal and committed to education and research since its first edition in 1986. JIEB is one of the best accredited scientific journals in Indonesia which makes JIEB a prestigious journal among economic and business communities in Indonesia. JIEB receives cutting edge research manuscript in the field of marketing, operation research, macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance, and accounting. Read more about JIEB


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JIEB Volume 28, No. 2, May 2013

 Convergence of Income Among Provinces in Indonesia 1984-2008: A Panel Data Approach
 Bayu Kharisma & Samsubar Saleh

 Yulizar D. Sanrego & M. Syafi’i Antonio

Palembang, Indonesia
 Siti Rohima, Agus Suman, Asfi Manzilati & Khusnul Ashar

 Developing The Entrepreneurship Incubator Model to Increase Students Independence of Entrepreneurship Mentality
 Suranto & Rahmawati

 Determinants of Employees’ Attitude Toward Union Membership (A Study in A Logistics Company in Indonesia)
 Ranggapati Siswara Dewantoro, Riani Rachmawati Sobri & Muhammad Irfan Syaebani

 The Need for A New Definition of Sustainability
 Shaharir b.M.Z. & Alinor M.b.A.K.

 Personality and Cognitive Factors in Information System Migration Process
 Willy Abdillah

 The Impact of Audit Rate, Perceived Probability of Audit on Tax Compliance Decision: (A Laboratory Experiment Study)
 Meinarni Asnawi

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